Sabrina’s Goal in Her Career

After being in the adult industry for such a long time, Sabrina has decided to take a different turn. She loves what she has been doing and porn model was part of her but she feels it is time to change. When asked whether she is ready to go back to the same, she said she doesn’t have any firm plans to return to the adult film industry. However, this is not a concrete decision since she is still open to the concept if it’s for a well-known studio.” In other words, Sabrina is more concerned with finishing strong and having a better stand at the peak of her career.

If it will come from working as a sex model, she has no problem with it. However, if the opportunity comes from working in the fitness industry and it becomes promising, she has left the door open to fate. When asked about the lessons she can highlight to have learnt from life, Nina said, “One of the most essential lessons I’ve learnt is to be very careful and discriminating about whom you regard to be your friends and close associates.” It is tough but worth the sacrifice.

Her Main Focus

Nina Dolci is currently concentrating on her OnlyFans account. Currently, she has two accounts which are; and  These are the accounts where she is creating bespoke stuff for her fans. Also, in January 2020, she was on the cover of FHM’s South Africa edition. This worked as a motivation for her to continue working towards having more cover photos. Additionally, she is continously be prepping and getting ready for any other fitness competition that might arise in-between. Apart from, she also has many more other accounts all of which are doing very well.


Nina always takes advantage of every opportunity to thank all of her devoted followers for their love and support. I am glad for all of the great energy. It’s incredibly essential to her that her audience feel like they know who she is. Nina also admitted to go through the same daily ups and downs that her followers undergo.”

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